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NSJSN shortlisted for Best Student Media at NUS Awards 2011

Shortlisted in conjunction with LSJSN, NSJSN has been shortlisted for Best Student Media at the NUS Awards 2011.

The other two shortlisted media outlets are Forge Media (Sheffield Students’ Union) and Nouse (University of York Students’ Union). Best of luck to both Forge and Nouse, who we hope will get on board with NSJSN next year regardless.

Read the full shortlist here.


Fake twitter profiles set up post conference

A number of fake twitter profiles have been set up for notable figures from NUs Conference 2011.

The first to appear was @markBANTERfeld, who began tweeting about, “Socialism, Revolution and THE LASH”.

Using the hashtag #nusnc11, @markBANTERfeld has quickly gained more followers than the real Mark Bergfeld received in votes for his presidential campaign.

Other fake accounts to spring up are @seanROFLraczka to mimic the eccentric left-winger Sean Rillo Raczka, @vratisLAD for the incoming ULU President Vratislav Domalip, @clareLOLomon for current ULU President Clare Solomon, @SHAMEchowen for NUS VP HE and unsuccessful presidential candidate Shane Chowen, @benFITaker for NUS VP and conference chair Ben Whittaker, @emilie_lashing for KCL Sabb Emilie Tapping, @joerennARSEon for London Student editor and NSJSN member Joe Rennison and @ryanwainker for KCL President and NUS block member Ryan Wain.

A fake account for NUS President-elect was also set up under @NUS_LMAO, mimicking Liam Burns’ own account of @NUS_Liam. This seems to have since been changed to @NUS_Laim.

@michLOLchessum was also set up to reflect Michael Chessum, founder of NCAFC and unsuccessful candidate for NUS VP HE. However, this account has since gone a little quiet.

The people behind these accounts are unclear. Although NSJSN has an inclination as to who some of the profiles belong to, we are unsure of all of them and not certain enough of any to disclose them here.

If you have any suggestions then please comment below.

Over 4000 hits for this blog at conference

The NSJSN was set up a few days before NUS Conference 2011, after discussions that lasted months.

Our twice daily print publication, The Delegate, was warmly received on conference floor with a print run that began at 200 per issue and ended at around 500 per issue, due to demand.

We hope to return next year bigger, better and stronger but in the mean time look out for other things that we will be working on, such as training events, national reportage and national co-ordination of student media.

One again we would like to thank all that worked on The Delegate and on this liveblog, as well as a huge thanks to NUS for their support and assistance.

Finally, a glowstick vigil that works

Turns out it wasn’t just the far-left, it was the whole NEC and many delegates from the conference floor. As @markBANTERfeld would say #BANTER!

Porter closes conference

A few of the activists have gotten a little overexcited and cracked their glowsticks before the leaving speech. But Porter thanks everyone for their time and for a great conference – including the sponsors ‘3’ and Endsleigh.

Porter thanks the minute takers, the staff, the whole NUS organisation. He has thanked the chairs, the DPC and especially Cathy Wilde who has been around for a long while. Porter thanks the delegates for what has been a truly wonderful year. NUS has been at its best, and he thanks everyone.

The vote on Motion 702 Falls (sort of)

The vote has gone to a count and needs a two thirds majority to pass.

The vote was not two thirds – so the rules will not be changed but because a majority of people voted for it, it will remain policy that conference ‘beleives’ that these rules should change.

Aaron: it’s time to move on

Aaron Porter admitted that he has been “hanging around for years.” He spoke in favour of introducing a limit whereby NUS representatives must have been a student in the last two years.

The suggestion arises from certain individuals “surfing” from position to position. Concerns were raised by the opposition that some committed individuals will be immediately “no confidenced” due to a clause stating that the motion, if passed, should “apply retrospectively to all committee members currently in positions across the organisation.”

“If you have not been for a student in the last two years then it is time to move on. It’s a wise suggestion,” he said. “We all have to do it, even me.”

The motion ‘Keeping NUS elections for Students” was opposed by speakers on the grounds that it would undermine the hard work of those that contribute to liberation campaigns. “We have members on committees for four, five years after graduating. Let’s not stop students and activist from participating in these campaigns,” said one student.

Vote is too close to call and goes to a count.