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Are unions all about face to face communication?

Two delegates speaks against UD motion supporting moving towards more virtual reality usage within students’ unions.

They believe that unions should be encouraging students to get off their computers, and engage in person with their students union, in the bars, meeting officers. Technologies such as second life are said to also support negative behaviour such as “grooming” and false personas.

Christina Yan Zhang argued in her support speech ‘More than 100 universities using second life for teaching and learning for distance learning. Let’s engage students we traditionally can’t engage’.

The motion went on to pass: we look forward to seeing new ways of engagement facilitated by NUS brought to life throughout the rest of the year. However The Delegate believes there can be more work to be done to encourage non traditional students to engage on campus and with ‘real’ student activity. Let’s explore breaking those boundaries alongside exploring new technology! KCLSU