Aaron: it’s time to move on

Aaron Porter admitted that he has been “hanging around for years.” He spoke in favour of introducing a limit whereby NUS representatives must have been a student in the last two years.

The suggestion arises from certain individuals “surfing” from position to position. Concerns were raised by the opposition that some committed individuals will be immediately “no confidenced” due to a clause stating that the motion, if passed, should “apply retrospectively to all committee members currently in positions across the organisation.”

“If you have not been for a student in the last two years then it is time to move on. It’s a wise suggestion,” he said. “We all have to do it, even me.”

The motion ‘Keeping NUS elections for Students” was opposed by speakers on the grounds that it would undermine the hard work of those that contribute to liberation campaigns. “We have members on committees for four, five years after graduating. Let’s not stop students and activist from participating in these campaigns,” said one student.

Vote is too close to call and goes to a count.


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