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Chair makes his closing remarks

The debate comes to an end. People applaud, lines remain divided.


Porter: we are not hear to represent just those that vote for us

Porter says that we must do more to recognise the diversity of the membership and to understand better what their mandate actually is.

Solomon says Massy is so wrong

Solomon says she find it astonishing hoe many things Massy is wrong about.

It’s an access issue

As more poeple begin to speak over Massy one audience member speaks up saying that it is an “access issue” to stop people from speaking and making their point and that everyone should get the chance. This recieved a response of, “access issue my arse” from another audience member.

Massy: Democracy means you don’t always get what you want

The idea that the student movement is comparable to the suffragettes is considered to be “utterly factuous” by the general public.

The crowd then starts shouting out against Massy causing the Chair to step in.

He re-iterates his point that if you want to rally public opinion then direct action won’t do it.

My students are falling out with NUS

Education officer at Bradford asks: “How to I get my students to believe in NUS again.”

You’re taking three men

Two audience members have just spoken up because the Chair has just spoken three white men to speak. One lady said: “there is a black man here who wants to ask a question” and someone else criticised the Chair for not inviting any women to speak. The first person to stand up was then a women.

As people criticised the calls there were then calls of, “equal opportunities.”