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Motion 705 as amended: NEC on the stage

There is confusion from the stage about what has happened with this vote.

Speech for: Sky Yarlett – shocked and appalled that the NEC are on the stage, we cannot hold them to account just because they are on the stage. By putting them on conference floor you can meet them, we can vote using electronic voting pads, we want a delegate from the floor to explain to you why you shouldn’t be on the stage above everyone else.

Speech against: Craig from UCLAN – If the NEC have to come up and down all the time, most proposals are from the NEC and they need to keep coming up to the stage it’s going to waste more time!

Moving straight to summation but there are parts to discuss 2 and 3 separately.

Ed Marsh speaks against the parts, saying that we should just get on with it.

Motion for the parts: this technology is out there, it’s cheap, it’s available. It’s not complicated.

Move to the vote to keep the parts – vote in favour. The parts remain.

Summation of the whole motion: Not bothered about where they sit, they can just sit at the front. They do have a disproportionate amount of speeches which you can bring them up on at another time. We need to have people on the floor. let’s embrace technology.

Taking a vote on this, and then the guillotine has fallen. The motion passes.


Glowstick vigil for Porter’s presidency

far left activists are handing out glowsticks ready for a glowstick vigil of Porter’s presidency, mocking the glowstick vigil organised by the NUS on the day of the HE Fees vote.

Motion 702: FE

Motion passes.

Motion 707: President’s appointments.

Speech for: Viki Bars from NEC – many of you may not know that the president gets to appoint a lot of people at the beginning of the NEC meeting. The president can appoint people to all sorts of committees such as anti-racism committees. We beleive that it should be a cross NEC election.

Speech against: Aaron Porter – The NUS has make some appointments. This is a beaurocratic solution to something that isn’t really a problem. These are not decisions that are in conflict with anything else. If you trust the president you should trust him to make some decisions that are relatively minor.

Summation: Sean Rillo – this motion is about a democratic deficit, there is no accountability or oversight at the moment. This doesn’t involve massive beaurocracy, we should have a democratic vote and have some clarity and accountability to the president’s appointment.

I was distracted when the vote happened so I dont know if it fell or not.

Motion 704: FE representation

Speech For: 60% of the membership is from FE, but only one member is on each Zone Committee. Along with 503 in the UD motions, I would like to add that we have more FE delegates.

There is no speech against and the summation is waived.

the vote needs a two thirds majority to pass and it is passed.

Motion 709 – Students as Students.

the chair is having trouble finding someone to speak to for ths motion but Thomas from Bristol takes to the stage.

For: Thomas from Bristol – There may be diverse views, but there are also important campaigns that need to be focussed on for students. Issues that you have authority and legitamicy to work on. At the moment, unions are spending so much money sending people around the world and working on issues that don’t affect students and think about how much we could do if we weren’t spending all our moeny on that.

Against: unnamed: the student movement is an internationalist movement. We need to stand with our brothers and sisters abroad and lobby the government on issues that affect them. We are a movement that is bigger than us and we need support of other people and we must give them support back.

Summation passed – goes straight to the vote where it clearly falls.

another procedural motion

another message to DPC to no confidence the chair which is not heard because there were not 100 delegates.