Fake twitter profiles set up post conference

A number of fake twitter profiles have been set up for notable figures from NUs Conference 2011.

The first to appear was @markBANTERfeld, who began tweeting about, “Socialism, Revolution and THE LASH”.

Using the hashtag #nusnc11, @markBANTERfeld has quickly gained more followers than the real Mark Bergfeld received in votes for his presidential campaign.

Other fake accounts to spring up are @seanROFLraczka to mimic the eccentric left-winger Sean Rillo Raczka, @vratisLAD for the incoming ULU President Vratislav Domalip, @clareLOLomon for current ULU President Clare Solomon, @SHAMEchowen for NUS VP HE and unsuccessful presidential candidate Shane Chowen, @benFITaker for NUS VP and conference chair Ben Whittaker, @emilie_lashing for KCL Sabb Emilie Tapping, @joerennARSEon for London Student editor and NSJSN member Joe Rennison and @ryanwainker for KCL President and NUS block member Ryan Wain.

A fake account for NUS President-elect was also set up under @NUS_LMAO, mimicking Liam Burns’ own account of @NUS_Liam. This seems to have since been changed to @NUS_Laim.

@michLOLchessum was also set up to reflect Michael Chessum, founder of NCAFC and unsuccessful candidate for NUS VP HE. However, this account has since gone a little quiet.

The people behind these accounts are unclear. Although NSJSN has an inclination as to who some of the profiles belong to, we are unsure of all of them and not certain enough of any to disclose them here.

If you have any suggestions then please comment below.


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