Orange headband is back!

The chap with the orange headband is back for an opposition speech. He refuted the idea that policy should not lapse as he believed that by updating policy, it could get even better.

He called for the need to oppose and defeat the government’s “evil plan to destroy us.” “We will not let them win. We will win this fight of good versus evil,” he shouted down the microphone.

The Chair intervened in his speech. “You were shouting into the microphone, which we have asked three times to do this morning,” he said.

Our lad was having none of it: the orange band is stronger than the chair. He had a cheeky little exchange with the chair but was quashed but the chair’s might. “Delgate would you please sit down,” he asked with real sense of irritation having struggled to get his words heard about the orange bandana man.


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