NUS uses electronic counting for the first time

NUS Conference used an electronic counting system for the first time tonight. After it became apparent that the vote on the parts of motion 301 was too close to call, the chair decided to use the brand new voting pad system. This prompted a buzz of excitement among the delegates and a lot of innuendo from the chair: “This is my first time. I haven’t said that in a while.” Cue giggling. After making sure that everyone was clear on how to vote and what the vote was actually about, delegates finally got to enter the 21st century and make their choice electronically. After fifteen seconds, the result appeared on the screen, showing 215 for and 190 against. 


I See That Delegate There…

Check out Raul from Greenwich mixing up knits and jeans, a classic combo. The double breasted coat is bang on for the Spring/ Summer transition, and the delegate lanyard really pops with the red! A lesson in classic men’s fashion.

Estelle Hart speaks on Claire Lock

Estelle Hart this evening (5:50pm) spoke about access and its relation to Claire Locke’s departure from the Presidential race.
She noted that comments on social networks that Locke’s motivations for withdrawing were ‘selfish’ were ‘appalling’. She called upon conference to understand Locke’s decision was ‘not an easy choice’, to remember that Locke’s institution (London Met) being under attack from cuts, and her status as a single mother mean that chances to support herself are hard to come by.
Instead of mocking, Hart asked conference to think about what widening access really means, and what we can do to make that phase actually mean something. Categories: Conference 2012, News, Comment

Spotted at NUS Conference

1) The Delegate indulging in satire…controversial…..

2) Estelle Heart reading ‘A learners guide to all the colours of the rainbow’

3) The hard left playing a game of Monopoly and squabbling about who gets to be the Banker

4) Liam Burns and Luke Young enjoying a belated pint of Bombardier for St George’s Day

5) The man with the bag…no joke needed…he’s awesome!

6) Ed Marsh, Liam Burns and Usman Ali sneaking into the back entrance of Ladbrokes

7) Michael Chessum catching fleas from the strange man/dog combination in his video. Does this explain his inability to sit still on conference floor?

8) FE finding the bit which comes before part-b

9) DPC guillotining their own cheesecake

10) Speakers trying to bend time by shouting louder and louder and loud…TIME DELEGATE

Tom Peel

The Delegate – Out Now!

Look out for your keen student media types handing out The Delegate, first edition for 2012 NOW! With coverage of the candidates who have pulled out of the elections; ‘You Know You’re At Conference When’; a quick review of the Press Conference with the candidates held last month; and off-the-record tips if you fancy a flutter on the Presidential candidates.

I See That Delegate There…

Tessa from Aberdeen Students’ Union is toning it down and standing out amongst the neon campaign t shirts with this relaxed-yet-smart jersey combination. Toting the ‘it’ bag of the year too – go Tessa!

I See That Delegate There…

Coming soon… the trendiest threads at conference for your delec(gate)-tation. Watch out for our paparazzi!