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Fraternal greetings receive standing ovation

Fraternal greetings delivered from a representative of an Egyptian Students’ Union have received a standing ovation from conference.


Salmon Fishing in Sheffield

Conference delegates defy harsh economic times to make the early train journey to Sheffield that little bit sweeter.

Conference Virgin

So finally it’s here – #NUSNC12! Yes, the inevitable hashtag has been flooding my twitter homepage for the last month; Jisc has been a-flutter with subtle vote-for-me-hints; and Facebook offers no solace, with manifesto videos jostling onto my newsfeed; and all I’m left with are questions like: ‘WHY did I follow all those Sabbs after APL?’, ‘HOW on earth have people managed to be such high achievers?’, and ‘Did he REALLY think that haircut through?’’.
But really. Even though I’ve tried – really tried – to find out all about Conference before arriving, it’s just so much to take in, and I simply can’t imagine what the next three days are going to be like to actually live through. Surely it’ll be something of a dream come true and a nightmare all in one: everyone sharing their deep love and belief in the student movement, whilst conference floor becomes more heated than your average Jiscwar. The House of Commons meets Woodstock.
I just wonder whether Sheffield is ready for the egos, the ideology clashes and, most importantly, the bandwidth usage.