Spotted at NUS Conference

1) The Delegate indulging in satire…controversial…..

2) Estelle Heart reading ‘A learners guide to all the colours of the rainbow’

3) The hard left playing a game of Monopoly and squabbling about who gets to be the Banker

4) Liam Burns and Luke Young enjoying a belated pint of Bombardier for St George’s Day

5) The man with the bag…no joke needed…he’s awesome!

6) Ed Marsh, Liam Burns and Usman Ali sneaking into the back entrance of Ladbrokes

7) Michael Chessum catching fleas from the strange man/dog combination in his video. Does this explain his inability to sit still on conference floor?

8) FE finding the bit which comes before part-b

9) DPC guillotining their own cheesecake

10) Speakers trying to bend time by shouting louder and louder and loud…TIME DELEGATE

Tom Peel


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