NUS Block of 15 results in

(copied from NUS Live Blog)

people voted and there were 650 valid ballots. The initial quota was 59.1 (but this reduced in later rounds)

* Mark Bergfeld (round 1)
* Joe Oliver (round 1 )
* Lauren Crowley (round 10 )
* Rachel Wenstone (round 13)
* Daniel Stevens (round 14)
* Stevie Wise (round 14)
* Aaron Kiely (round 16)
* Michael Chessum (round 16)
* Nes Cazimoglu (round 16)
* Matt East (round 16)

Matt Robinson, Chief Returning Officer said “It was a a long count, but only because so many people used all their preferences. This is clearly a sign that people want to give the block a clear mandate and I wish them all the best”.


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