Speeches from Trustee Board candidates

First up, Michael Wilson. He says that he is standing for Further Education. He thinks there needs to be a “focus” on FE.

Furqurnr Naeem speaks next. He says he, “is able to work in harmony with people of different political opinions.”

Charlie Bell is not going to speak in this hustings.

Jess Green says that “the most important issue” is that of the cuts and that she wants to be part of the “fight back.”

James Skuse, from UCL, has previously been a member of his college’s students’ union trustee board. He does not think the trustee board should “block” policy.

Samantha Sandilands is an outgoing sabbatical officer from UCLAN. She says she is a “good listener” and that her opinions have been said to be “well thought through.”

Damilore Akintade has also been a member of his SU’s trustee board. He asks delegate to vote for a “diligent” trustee.

Steven Surgeon says that upcoming campaigns need strong governance to be successful and that he is able to provide this.

Varinder Singh, he says that he is familier with the role of a trustee board and that he believes in a union that is, “more than a commercial organisation.”

Ilana Fenster currently sits on Democracy and proceedures committee. “I admit it, I’m an NUS keeno,” she says, having been at conference in many roles and now she wants to be a trustee to, “complete the set.”

Christopher Nash, who just spoke in support of the motion in censure, says that everyone is here for different reasons and that he will ensure everyone has the resources to do their jobs.

Alex Ronaldson says he is a geek. He is about to enter his fourth year as a trustee at UCA and he says he will “not interfere with the politics” of NUS.

Sam Hansford says that this conference “all been about campaigning.” He would not get involved in deciding what these campaigns are but that NUS can enact these campaigns effectively.

Jack Speight believes, “passinoately” in his union. He wants “clarity” and “best for all.”

Sam Johnson: “I am not here to talk about politics.” Trustee board is there to provide a platform, he says.

Lynsey Clarke has been involved in the RAG society at her students’ union and she wants to “engage” students as a trustee.


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