Motion of censure: not passed

A motion of censure is a, “serious wrap in the knuckles,” says the Chair.

The motion is against Mark Bergfeld for “alienating” and “not being representative” of students.

The motion is proposed by, Conner O’Brian, a member of the Conservative party.

The speaker says that Bergfeld is “inciting a militant attitude”. He adds that students from different political backgrounds are being “shut-out”. “NUS is supposed to be open to all student,” he says.

The speaker says that Bergfeld’s actions make those who support the Conservatives feel very uncomfortable.

Bergfeld stand up to defend himself.

“I think it is a fact that our political officers have political opinions,” says Bergfeld.

Bergfeld says that he was elected on a platform to demonstrate outside the Conservative HQ and to oppose the Sonservative party and their political agenda. He refers to the Conservative party as, “Eton Toffs”. He adds, “did Aaron Porter represent every student in NUS?”

“We want a political union that stands up for its member at each twist and turn,” he says.

Speaker for the motion. Christopher Ashborn. “I think that Mark Bergfeld puts down big groups of students,” he says.

He says that although this motion is brought against Bergfeld it should be addressed to every member of NEC, who have, “put down student.”

Aaron Porter takes the second speech against. He says that to censure someone that has worked “tirelessly” to oppose the cuts would be a “slap in the face.”

The vote on the motion overwhelmingly falls and the motion is not passed.


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