Motion 707: President’s appointments.

Speech for: Viki Bars from NEC – many of you may not know that the president gets to appoint a lot of people at the beginning of the NEC meeting. The president can appoint people to all sorts of committees such as anti-racism committees. We beleive that it should be a cross NEC election.

Speech against: Aaron Porter – The NUS has make some appointments. This is a beaurocratic solution to something that isn’t really a problem. These are not decisions that are in conflict with anything else. If you trust the president you should trust him to make some decisions that are relatively minor.

Summation: Sean Rillo – this motion is about a democratic deficit, there is no accountability or oversight at the moment. This doesn’t involve massive beaurocracy, we should have a democratic vote and have some clarity and accountability to the president’s appointment.

I was distracted when the vote happened so I dont know if it fell or not.


One response to “Motion 707: President’s appointments.

  1. In future, check twitter before posting these long form updates, Vote fell.

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