Motion 705 as amended: NEC on the stage

There is confusion from the stage about what has happened with this vote.

Speech for: Sky Yarlett – shocked and appalled that the NEC are on the stage, we cannot hold them to account just because they are on the stage. By putting them on conference floor you can meet them, we can vote using electronic voting pads, we want a delegate from the floor to explain to you why you shouldn’t be on the stage above everyone else.

Speech against: Craig from UCLAN – If the NEC have to come up and down all the time, most proposals are from the NEC and they need to keep coming up to the stage it’s going to waste more time!

Moving straight to summation but there are parts to discuss 2 and 3 separately.

Ed Marsh speaks against the parts, saying that we should just get on with it.

Motion for the parts: this technology is out there, it’s cheap, it’s available. It’s not complicated.

Move to the vote to keep the parts – vote in favour. The parts remain.

Summation of the whole motion: Not bothered about where they sit, they can just sit at the front. They do have a disproportionate amount of speeches which you can bring them up on at another time. We need to have people on the floor. let’s embrace technology.

Taking a vote on this, and then the guillotine has fallen. The motion passes.


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