Motion 703 – One Member, One Vote

Speech for motion 703:
Michael Chessum is taking the stage claiming that we have 7million members but only 700 people who vote in the policy decision meaning that conference is dominated by factions and singing and does not reflect the voices of the students on the ground. Michael is calling for a national ballot on the executive officers and if not a reason should be given why.

Speech for 703a: James Hughes, UCLU again comes to the stage with an amendment. Every other national organisation has a national ballot – this motion will not give the NUS back to students. This will not take any power away from conference.

Speech against 703a goes to Mark Bergfeld from the NEC – Mark feels disenfranchised from the NUS, and that we need a democratising of the NUS. we are told often that we need conference to be shorter and less delegates to save money. The left has called for general meetings on campus because it empowers people. He is calling for people to vote down 703 and 703a.

James Hughes UCLU – Speech for: same as above.

Motion falls.

Motion 703 – Speech against: Dwek from UJS, if we were having a national ballot, only those who could go around the country at a great cost to themselves. only those with a lot of money or backed by political parties would be able to win.

Speech for – Joe Oliver Sheffield Union: the actual motion only calls for a report in to whether this would be practical. The principle of the motion is fine – let’s have a report.

Speech against: Bath – It’s in the name – Delegate – you are here because your students have delegated responsibilty to you to vote for them.

The crowd are getting wise to calls for parts, as 100 delegates are not found to hear the call for parts.

Summation: Luke Durigan UCLU – We need one member one vote, we are looking to replace conference just to make sure that more people get a say. It’s not a definate, we are just looking in to it.

The Motion does not pass.


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