Democratic Proceedures Committee (DPC) candidates speeches

Annabel Jones says she will help less experienced delegates to understand conference. She also calls on delegates to second preference Dan Swain.

Chris Jones paid for himself to attend conference because his students’ union doesn’t actively participate and he says that he has been “galvanised” into studen politics by attending. He also thinks delegates should receive trianing before attending conference.

Henry Heming will work to introduce a better counting system at conference and for delegates to be better informed about the motions before conference begins.

Olalekan S. Oshonkoya says democracy is one of the “basic things” of a students union. If a union cannot “work” then it cannot “win”, he says.

Dan Swain says he doesn’t often get a chance to say what he thinks at conference and he is going to do so now. “We need activists at every level of our union,” he says.

Nicola Hibell says that a “strong and efficient team is essential to ensure that conference runs smoothly.”

Steven Findlay is already DPC Chair. He goes on to rap his speech to the theme of Hammertime.

Thea Graham says that point of DPC is to ensure organisation on conference floor but that this is lacking an FE perspective.

Marcus Crawley sings “NUS DPC, find out what it means to me” to the theme of R.E.S.P.E.C.T and then simply says, “everything.” As a gay welsh man he says he is, “the only candidate in the village.”

Elliot Jebreel says DPC has done a lot of great work this but that accessibility must be given greater consideration.

Rob Sassoon says his aim is, “to truly serve you all.” He wants to make things clearer and more efficient.

Cassie Agbehenu says the democratic structure of NUS should reflect the needs of an all-political and fair union.

Duncan Smith says that Conference is the “heart” of the national student movement and that it is important that motions are clear and proceedures are understood, as well as conference being “fully accessible.”

Fatima Junaid says she wants to reform voting and chairing. She says we need to consider electronic voting to avoid time-wasting and also questions whether it’s appropriate for politically affiliated officer to hold the Chair at conference.


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