AGM Motions to resume shortly

Having reached quorate, the session begins.

Things kick off with a procedural motion: a statement on accessibility. It has been brought to the attention that there are issue regarding the accessibility of the venue and other circumstances.

Tas Brook from NUS Disability committee presented the motion. “This venue has not been particularly accessible for all those at the venue,” she said. Issues of concern included campaigning in doorways and stair wells, personal space, seating, and flash photography.

She denied claiming that people were being “disabilist.” “We are all guilty of not thinking at times,” she said.

There is a second procedural motion: a statement on scheduling. It was defeated off the back of the argument that time was limited.

Aaron Porter now clarifies Staff Protocal. “The staff are here not to be politically accountable and definitely not to be brought into political debate,” he said. The staff are here to ensure the smooth running of conference. If you have issues with the way that conference is conducted then it needs not to be directed at staff.

Ben Whittaker, VP Welfare, reads a statement regarding staff protocol. He cites a case yesterday when the accessibility rules of DPC were not adhered to despite several announcement. “I think it is really really important that we think about our own actions,” he said, urging people the take the issue of accessibility really importantly.

There is now a statement about harrassment. It is not acceptable to vote for a candidate because “you like the look of her.” She urged conference to “please respect women.” She cited the twitter feed as a potential site of harassment and warned against jokes that may be inappropriate.

By Ben Parfitt


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