AGM in full swing

Trustee board report presented last night has passed.

NUS President, Aaron Porter, now comes to present the Nominations committee which is intended “recommend appointment of lay trustees to national conference.” He would like to endorse recommendation that Dame Karlene Davis DBE should be appointed as a trustee. She has sat on NUS Trustee for two years. An opposition speech fails to come forward. Recommendation passes easily.

NUS has achieve a total turnover of £9.2 Million which is helping to contribute to the reserves that NUS need to build up – a target of six months running costs. Aaron announces that affiliation fees will not rise next year and that the lowest calculation would be taken. NUS should absorb some of the burden of cuts. Things are now much better concerning monitoring finance. It was “ridiculous” that there was not previously a monthly report, he said. Accounts easily accepted.

Porter now presents the estimates. It is expected that the NUS will hit a £23,000 surplus and are trying to take a £100,000 blow to their affiliation fee income to “reduce burden on SUs through fees.” NUS Extra income expected to go up, as will the cost of pensions. There should be a 3-year review to commit to lowering affiliation fee.

Chief Returning officer now gives his report. He oversees all elections across NUS. He hands over part of his report to Disabled Officer as he believes that accessibility of elections is a key issue, well within his remit. “I think we need to think long and hard about the role of disabled students in elections,” she says. “It seems that some people do not think that disabled students needs are that important… If you think this then you do not belong in SU,” she said – a point met with significant applaud. It is proposed that all delegates should adhere to accessibility requirement and could face significant penalties if they do not. The report is easily accepted.

Porter comes back to the stage to make a recommendation. He puts forward a candidate for voluntary position of deputy returning-officer. The nominee has done a “fantastic job over the last couple of years and hopefully with do a fantastic job over the next couple of year,” Porter said.

DPC proposal suggests that there should be 1 delgate per 3,500 students conference costs too much. Passes easily.

Policy Lapse up next. This is policy that was passed at prior national conferences that is now due to lapse. DPC has been open to objections this week. There are a number of objections.


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