VP Welfare questions

What has NUS done with regard to English Defence League & BNP?
Have done a lot of demonstrations and working with SUs

How much budget spent?
Not sure. Not all of it and I won’t apologise for that. I don’t think I should print lots of posters just to justify it to conference floor.

What have you done about police brutality?
We have raised those issue. Please raise any issue to NEC so we can discuss any issue there.

External promoters of ‘Carnage’?
Can ban external bar crawls under law. I believe it is my job to win you over not to support that organisation. You can work with Carnage to do things.

Protecting students from surveillance from lecturers?
NUS has firm opposition to ‘Prevent’ agenda put forward by home office that can follow students on campus. We will resist it all the way. There are lots of things coming out from David Cameron and we really need to look into it and consult with our members.

NEC hold events in bars that sell 3 trebles for £5.99?
What individuals do should not affect NUS policy. We need to move towards a culture. To talk about last night is simplistic. We need to get under that.

That’s all from Ben, into the policy recommendations.


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