Vice President Welfare

Peter Mercer

“We all know that the landscape has changed. We live in a different world… we can campaign for a better world. I have delivered.” Peter talking about his wins against the EDL and building for the November march. Support services are being cut down, “I say no, this a time for expansion” “I want our welfare zone to fight and win”

“And another thing” he says, “give us back our EMA” Peter is also standing on platform to allow students to live “where they want, when they want” saying that “we are citizens too.” Mercer quoting a Newcastle academic that says that discrimination is not a problem but Mercer is standing for “no platform” no to degredation of women during fresher’s weeks.

Sean Rillo Raczka

Sean, well dressed as always, takes the stage. “standing to make the NUS a real campaigning force – not about spineless dithering.” Sean is standing against fees, “we need to build a mass movement and trully represent out members.” Sean asking why we can afford bombing but not education and welfare. “the government is disenfranchising a whole generation” Sean is against the changes to housing benefits, marginalisation of disabled people and the privatisation of the NHS. “Creating ghettos for students is not acceptable, neither is profitising on student accommodation” puttin particular emphasis on part-time and mature students. “I will fight for sexual health students no matter what their age” and wants to work with VPUD to make our events more accessible for minorities.
“I understand welfare, I understand Education” Sean is currently the chair at Birkbeck, a widening participation institution. “we as a movement have come to so far, it’s time to take it further”


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