Vice President Society and Citizenship


“I did not print my manifesto or speech because I beleive in Go-Green, this is vital to the campaign of soc and cit.” Javed also says “Students first, politics later” all of the debates at NEC are apparently to do with “power struggles” and Javed doesn’t like politics if it gets in the way.
“awareness, strategy, success… we have no awareness right now – the government is cutting everything, the military, the police” and on the otherside “they are cutting international students, who are a cash cow for them – why dont they want this? because having international students will mean more unemployment for you.” Javed wants to start a think-tank. “success – we either acheive or not” but if you give everything to the hands of the politicians. The other people on the stage – “some people say glass is half empty, some people say glass is half full – Isay where is that glass?” “here is this glass – I will fill this glass with your hopes and dreams and then it will not be empty.” “If you beleive in fairness write down my name number one. it’s all about your beleif, if you beleive in fairness you will beleive in me, if you don’t you can vote anyone else.”


starting up conversations with men on buses (not recommended) asking what Soc and Cit has to do with NUS? “Education is much more than just a job, they call us consumers but consumers give nothing back – students do.” Danni has seen the impact that soc and cit can have on people – and thats why she wants to lead this zone. “Some of our unions have no resources and run great campaigns all the time.” Danni wants to lead activists on the ground helping you to do your campaigns. The cuts are hitting education but they are also hitting our communities, “we are not just fighting for the here and now” we can “show tomorrows students that there’s more to uni and college than revision and exams” “Elect me and I will lead the fight to save citizenship and votes at 16.” She has some good credentials within NUS. “I will never forget the sight of school children kettled alongside me”, “i’ll work alongside campaigners to make sure you are equipped” to stop the dictat from above.


“To lead the fightback against the tories.” “against cuts, racism and war”.
“today is about a fresh start – quit mourning the death of education, put away the glowsticks” Aaron quotes the front page of the times as now apparently 1 in 5 young people are unemployed. “from playing a leading role in the longest running occupation in the country” claiming a consistent involvement. “A vote for me is a vote for an NUS that reaches its full potential.” “we need to fight for equality, social justice and liberation” because when they cut it is attacking out minorities. Aaron will fight to ensure the liberation campaigns are fully supported. “I say we are one society, many cultures and we are here to stay.”
“from establishing a people and planet organisation” Why can money always be found for war but not education “drop the cuts, not bombs.” OH NO HE WENT THERE! Aaron finishing on the Palestine card.


“I hesitate to run for this role” “Critically, I dont have that many followers on twitter”. Akash talking about his international soc and cit credentials – building partnerships with Nigeria. “Climate change is important – its not about hippy crap it’s about carbon cap” that’s why climate change is important for our union. “i’m cleaning up my unions banking policies, I’m cleaning up my unions ethical policies” “i want to launch the biggest campaign for affordable transport… I want universal education for all… I want students to see unions across the country campaigning on these fundemental issues” “I want to launch a conference of ideas.” controversial ideas around liberation – men campaigning on women’s issues, white students campaigning on black students issues. “I am willing to work with anyone” – Akash offering up a refund if he doesn’t deliver.. but it’s ok because he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep!


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