Union Development Report next

Ed Marsh, VP Union Development (UD) has now taken to the podium.

He begins by explaining what UD is, to develop SU’s and, “extend the rights of students.”

There were 15 policies passed last year for UD and these were taken into 5 priorities.

1. Supporting students’ unions: Introduction of a governance code (which is online)
2. Creating Activists: “I think it’s fair to say UD pulled it’s weight regarding the national demonstration.”
3. Student Activities
4. Employability, sports and societies etc
5. Day to Day – governance and legal affairs, olypic games prep, charity registration help

There will also be a UD fringe event later for delegates.

Question to Marsh:

What have you done to support FE development?
“There’s a whole series of things I could talk about,” he says. He discusses FE sabbatical support. He also wants to change the ‘one size fits all’ approach to FE which “isn’t relevant” any more.

How have you been engageing with smaller unions?
Uni Creative Arts Block member is producing something on engaging smaller unions to be presented in the Autumn.

Where was the support for activists facing disciplinary action during the protests?
Marsh says that we should perhaps ask what we are doing to create the activists in the first place, which he says a lot of work has gone into.

How will you prevent sports and socs funding reductions?
Sports comes into two categories, run by college or by SU. Where it is a college issue then lobbying can be done, Marsh says and when it is an SU then we can offer support but it is “up to you” how SU’s spend their money.

How will you ensure FE in house training will remain?
“We remain committed to in house training,” he says. He adds that there is amove away from generalisation toward specialism, regaridng training.

Why is their not accreditation for volunteers?
In september Marsh says NUS will be rolling out a national volunteer accreditation scheme.

Tell us more about bi-lingual institutions.
Policy from NUS wales said that the stuff they get from NUs should be in both languages which they now do.

How do you ensure legitimacy for legitimacy of SU elections?
He says he doesn’t really oversee SU elections. But then is cut off for time by the Chair.


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