Three Vice Presidents: HE – Usman Ali

The incumbent VP Higher Education takes to the stage, he’s taking us on a journey through the working-class northeast of england. according to Ali, the north-east has a 10% lower than average participation rate in HE than the rest of the UK and cuts are only going to make it worse. This isnt just about HE, he reminds us, this is about primary and secondary education – about literacy and numeracy.
Usman takes a tangent around fees: “How many times have we had to discuss WP and Fees on this conference floor? When education was free, only those from the most advantaged backgrounds could go. Why should we be subsided by those who will never be able to dream to go to Uni.”
He says that we are looking at education through the lens of the priveledged. He says that he has the experience to take us forward from this. He has been on campuses campaigning against cuts and helping out with strikes.
He will be defending students. He wants you to re-elect him.


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