Three Vice Presidents: FE – Ruby Hirsh

the colleges are the ones that came out and helped NUS to fight against the attacks on the public sector, we were there fighting against what we know is immoral and unjust.
We have suffered lie after lie to pay for war after war. We have suffered racism not only from the media but from the government – they say immigrants dont integrate then cut ESOL courses!
We need to communicate more with NUS – we need to be able to contact NUS when we have a problem – face to face contact not on the phone or with a letter or an email.
The trade unions are united with students’ unions – when we build a big movement, we can fight every cut. Save ESOL, Save EMA, they need to be saved – let’s take the cash back from tax dodging companies and the bankers.

Vote for an FE delegate who will make NUS fight to win.


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