The ULTIMATE guillotine

We thought we had seen it all, but no, the guillotine is back. This time it has been turbocharged. Yes people, the “ultimate” guillotine is here.

Chair, Ed Marsh, explains that this Godfather of all cutting contraptions marks out the complete and utter end to policy discussion. It is essential that all policy is discussed before the forthcoming AGM and so there is no more for motions to be discussed.

That good old chestnus of the procedural motion plea for all remaining policies to be reffered to the NEC was pulled out the bag. This time it was face with a different oppositional slant.

The speaker, who admitting to previously agreeing with such motions, urged conference to consider such an action. It was said that there were many “contentious issues” remaining and that the floor should consider the consequences of referring these to the NEC.

“There is a real range of policies and a real range of opinions in here. You might be sending policy that you firmly disagree with to the NEC,” she said.

Onto elections…


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