Society and Citizenship Zone Questions

How important to Soc and Cit is helping communities?
Really important. Need to look at multidimension of community work. Students’ Unions should be at the heart of their student community and not just subject to complaints about noise etc.

What has happened to 10:10 campaign this year & what is future?
It was launched in 2010 and we had big media coverage at the time. Still working closely with the campaign. Did some work for global campaign but not as much as wanted as focus at that time of year was on national demo against cuts.

Stance on AV?
Discussed it at last conference which suggested that NUS should not have a position but should provide information. NUS can have a position. If so then should be lead by their members. SUs should have local hustings and can do more than NUS. Need to get students to register and take place. This is really important.

What about Libya?
Believes in intervention when support and legitimacy. This intervention has legitimacy when Iraq did not. But questions about what intervention looks like and what Libya want. How do we best support people of Libya. Have given support to Egyptian student movement about setting up SUs. It is important in showing solidarity (tick that off the bingo list!)

Citizenship (especially Global Citizenship) accross English curriculum?
Doing everything she can to see citizenship education saved.

Lobbying electoral commission for post-16 vote?
Feeds on from need for citizenship education. It is not the only option. Need to ensure electoral commission encourage young people to register. We could have ballot boxes in schools and see politicians take young people seriously. Because young people do not vote then politicians do not have a mandate to cater for them. The case for vote at 16 is growing and increasing public attitudes.


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