President elections: Shane Chowen

If I had told you what we would face today, a year ago, you would have told me I was stupid.

Nick Clegg address this conference floor.

Shame on you Cameron. We need to fight them and we need to fight them hard.

It is people like you that win funding for vital student services. That’s who we are. That’s what we believe in.

I am going to be honest. Of course we can not win by not meeting MPs and VCs. But we also cannot win without well timed protest.

It is too easy to say we need to choose between two.

It is cheap to say that HE and FE to be united.

If we also do what we’ve always done then we will get what we’ve always got.

A national demo every autumn is cliched. Day that cuts are announced is the day he announces demonstration in London.

Now is the time to reengergise our fight, to broaden our funding campaign.

Those slogans and placards mean nothing to man.

A movement fit for the fight and fit for the future.


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