President elections: Mark Bergfeld

Wholesale attack will transform society in the interest of the few, the rich and the powerful.

Need to stand up to these Eton toffs that are changing society.

We need to be saying at this time that we cannot afford the Tories in power. They must go. TODAY!

Protest inspired hundreds of thousands of students to walk out on 24 Nov which shook government to its very foundations

If we come in with our miltism we can shake this government and break it into two.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim brothers. We stood shoulder to shoulder against National Front.

This devise politics is not the future of our NUS. Cameron can scapegoat but we will stand united.

It was not violence by students at demonstration that was the issue. It was the violence of police. It was the violence of Alfie Meadows.

We failed the stand shoulder to shoulder as the right-wing media witch-hunted students.

Divide at conference between those that vote for and against national demonstation yesterday. Between those that want business as usual against those that want to mobilise.

We did not cause this. The bankers did. We need to think about how to pay for education for next 30 years.


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