President elections: Liam Burns

I am not running to please the establishment. I am running to please you.

This year has been full of false choices. Our Union has become dangerously close to becoming just one person.

50 examples of how we can unite. NUS Scotland gained £50 Million support for EMA. Not by me but by Scotland. Fighting together, winning together.

This is not a choice between FE or HE. Choose us based on substance of narrative not abreviation in our job title. He has had many VP positions.

We have often let violence trouble us. We need to be taking direct action and we also need to be at that table. Both need to go hand in hand. Deny monopoly ever existed.

Let’s take back NUS for all students not just the usual suspects.

We need a fresh start, but must of all we need to win. We must win. Students cannot afford us not to.


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