NUS Nations Updates

Unfortunately we were unable to cover the NUS USI update due to a pretzel related emergency.

Next up, due to a lack of Liam Burns on the stage, is Katie Dalton. Katie is listing all of the wins of Wales. they have had two priority campaigns, funding out future – they saved EMA in Wales, lower tuition fees in wales – only £4,000 in Wales with stricter WA agreements for any more. They won more than England – devolution is working for students.

Liam Burns, incoming president for NUS makes a blunder and doesn’t notice the powerpoint infront of him. He looks shocked. Burns jumps straight in, “on paper there should be no talk of tuition fees or a price tag” but the budgets are changing and they might have a big fight on their hands. Burns is discussing the Scotland’s College Bursaries, EMA and the Student Led Teaching Awards wins. Lessons learnt from England include Tenent deposit schemes.

Mandates for 2011 – 2012 – new independent social mobility unit, a Pro-AV stance and a governance review. Time is called on the Scottish update with plenty more to discuss. The conference must now vote to accept the reports which are adopted.


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