Motion Summary

For details of what the numbers relate to, go to

FE and HE Proposals

301 Passed
301a Passed
301b Passed
301c Passed
301d Falls
301e Falls
301f Falls
301g Passed
202 Passed
203 Passed
203a Passed
303 Passed
204 Passed
304 Passed
205 Passed
305 Passed
206 Falls
306 Passed
207 Passed
307 Passed
208 Passed

Union Development

501 Passed
502 Passed
503 Passed
504 Passed
505 Passed


601 Passed
601a Passed
602 Passed
603 Passed
603a Passed
604 Passed
604a Passed
604b Passed
605 Passed
605a Passed
605b Passed
606 Passed
607 Passed
608 Passed


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