Motion 608:

Speech for: Sussex.
lots of activism, this motion is here to push that forward and put it in the heart of everything we do.

Speech against:
Issues with symantics – in support of some cuts – trident for example. I dont think we should be demonstrating just outside the Tory parrty and Lib Dem conferences, it was Labour who voted for fees in the first place.

Procedural motion for parts taken by Thomas Graham from the NEC. It’s obvious that we should defend the welfare state but we have to look at this line a bit separately. it’s based on a hopeless ideology of workers – to call for a general strike undermines our position and we must go for something more credible.

The argument against is taken by someone is clearly for general strikes. The government’s priorities are in trade trade trade money money money and a strike will hit them where it hurts.

The parts of conference resolves 4 have been removed.

Summation: London Met which has been waived to Sean Rillo from the NEC.
These cuts are against you. everyone. all of you. we need to take a line – that line must be no. We must not resist the calls of workers, we must be on the picket lines with them and the NUS should be leading that fight.

Go to the vote: motion passes.


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