Motion 607: Student Parents

Speech for: Huddersfeild.
Some students that NUS just do not cover. the idea of an average student is chages, we need to acknowledge this and move with the times. We need to accept the diversification of higher education and change with it. We cant stay in accommodation, and that drives costs up so much. Conference things have to change and it starts by voting yes for this motion.

No Speech against but there are parts to discuss conference beleives 5 and conference resolves 5. there were not 100 people to hear those parts. Then there was a second motion to debate resolves one but the chair again declares that she cannot see parts.

The Summation has been waived to Liam Preston of the NEC.
simple and sensible motion to help many students which we traditionally miss. we need to share and address the issues at stake.

the Vote: passes, surprisingly.


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