Motion 605:

Speech for: Welfare committee
need to continue vital research in to what we need and put it in to the white paper. Protect our student servies.

Motion 605a: Kent Union – Lauren Crowley
not a professional adviser – we need to focus on the politics. in professionalising our services, we have lost communication with our advice services. We need to work on how we work together to help identify national trends.

The Speech against causes some controversy as a delegate at the back is not seen. Lewisham College:
we are talking about providing the basic training and I’m not really sure what that delegate was saying to be honest.

Summation: Kent Union Samantha Kennedy
It’s a good amendment.

It passes.

SPeech for: Chris Cringle of Kingston University.
We need to raise awareness of loan sharks to protect our students.

SPeech against: Wolverhampton
We need to campaign against loan sharks and ban these companies from our campuses.

Amendment passes.

Straight to the vote of 605b as amended: it clearly passes.


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