Motion 604: No Platform.

Speech For: Sofia James LUU
We are looking to support liberation and our most vulnerable people. the policy is crucial, and multiculturalism has not failed. support liberation, defend no platform and defend our students.

Amendment 604a:

Speech for: Hackney Community College waived to Mark Bergfeld NEC.
We are facing the EDL, racist organisations and homophobic organisations. They are trying to divide out movement by using our own symbolism against us. If the EDL wanted to attack us, we have always said no. Let’s beat the facists once and for all.

Speech against: Warsall College – Ashley.
I’m gay and the thought of having these people on the streets make me sick. We forget that we have our point of view, people should be allowed their own point of view.

Another round of speeches has been granted. Speech for: Uni of Herts.
the EDL is a facist and racist organisation. I’m the co-ordinator for sihks against the defence league. We must organise at every opportunity against the EDL. freedom of speech comes only with responsibility and EDL do not have that. They see us all as someone they can victimise.

Speech against: Ben Robertson – Durham Students’ union.
Our union has affiliated, disaffiliated, then reaffiliated. Vote No on this amendment because the UAF bully people, they threatened our students and they should not be allowed to tell us what to do.

There has been a call for parts, to remove conference resolves 2. the speeches were granted, the speech against was taken by Aberystwyth College – it’s all discrimination and we need to fight against it. We need to keep this motion to help us to stand with our brothers.

The vote to pass conference resolves 2: the parts remain.

There has been ANOTHER call for parts, to remove: conference believes 8 and conference resolves 1 and 4. The speech in favour is from Rob Sutton from LGOS. He objects to contracting out our anti-facism work and campaigns to the UAL. He thinks we shouldn’t be attached to UAL. The speech for is taken by Kanja from the NUS Black Students campaign. It’s left on left – odd. Kanja thinks that the previous speaker is wrong, and that they are great at working within the local community.

The vote to remove believes 8, resolves 1 and 4. That motion passes and the parts are removed.

Summation: Aaron Keily – Black Students Campaign.
We need to vote for amendment to vote for affiliation to these organisations. (Sic: despite having already removed the bit about UAL!)

The vote for the amendment was passed.

Procedural motion stops play (see separate post).

Speech for: Dannie Grufferty – NEC
The national union needs to help stop Islamophobia on campuses using local campaigning.

Speech against: Wallsal college E & D officer.
strange for an E&D officer to stand up against this amendment – but it’s not up to us to decide what other people should think. Free speech etc.

There has been a call for parts, namely to remove conference beleives 5 & 6 and conference resolves 8. But 100 delegates were not seen by the chair. Susan assumes that the next procedural motion is to no confidence the chair and switches places, but its just for a revote. the revote happens and there’s 100 people.

Izzy John from Warwick comes to the stage and suggests that theres a lot of discretion that can be used in some of the terminology of ‘extremism’, and taking out the general concept of extremism will mean that things like racism, facism etc will take precedent and cannot be used against people.

Chair makes yet another delegate run to the stage – I might call health and safety. The speech against is from Rene from UCLAN. Rene – there’s a difference between hate speech and free speech and the EDL are extremists.

The vote for the parts: the parts remain.

Summation: Portsmouth – Akash Naik.
Hate speech is real, extremism is real, we must fight as well as we can.

The vote for 604b – which passes.

Speech against whole motion as amended is not taken and no summation is granted. The vote happens and 604 passes.


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