Motion 603: cheap transport.

Pete Mercer, VP Welfare candidate takes to the stage to talk about how money is a welfare issue. Too many beans on toast are causing malnutrition and the government is closing doors left right and centre. Discretionary funds only in FE aren’t enough because we can’t get the people in to the FE to start with.

Amendment 603a

Speech for: LSE.
150,000 students at ULU and we have cheaper transport. But students across the country cannot turn up to college or afford the bus fare to get to college or uni in the first place. transport should not be a barrier to education. we’ve lost EMA and fees have been raised, what will be next?

Speech against: Michael Wilson
Broadly agree – but it isn’t just London that has problems. We should be fighting for this across the country. We need, instead of lobbying we should be campaigning for a national student discount on buses, not just for London.

Summation: Matt Williamson – KCL
Entirely agree that we need to look at this nationally but the motion does agree to look at this on a national level and will look at this on a national level but within London also.

Amendment Passes.

Back to the main motion – free speech Against: Waived and Summation Waived.


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