Motion 503: passed

Ed marsh is speaking for the motion. The motion revolves around support for apprentices.

There were two amendments to the motion but amendment b has been withdrawn so we move to amendment a.

Thomas Chigbo, Queen Mary masters student and former Cambridge SU President, is speaking for the amendment. He says, “we shouldn’t undermine the collectivism that currently exists.” He says that the motion may result in SU’s moving further away from NUS.

The speech against the amendment is to be given by Liam Burns, PResident of NUS Scotland. He thinks the amendment would prevent NUS from reaching out to students’ unions that are currently not affiliated to NUS.

We are going to have another round of speeches. The speech for the amendment says that as it stands the motion pushes for individualistic students’ unions rather than a collective movement.

The speech against the amendment is given by a Cardiff delegate.

The summation of the amendment will be given by Queen Mary student Tom Chigbo. “It’s really important that we do as much as we can to reach out to those students’ unions that are not affiliated. This motion does not prevent that.”

The vote was too close to call so we have gone to a count. The amendment passes.

There is now a speech against the motion as a whole.

Tom Chigbo is giving the summation of the motion.

There is now the vote. The motion passes.


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