What is the point in University? A fringe event

Person who goes to University earns an extra £105,00 over their lifetime. Person who does an apprenticeship also earns an extra £105,00 over their lifetime. So, what is the point in Unversity? 3 panelists put forward their view:

1. Chris Smith argues that you need to understand what Universities do. They enable participation, research without commercial agenda and have a huge social and economic impact on the communities within which they participate. The cultural enrichment that University can provide to their surrounding areas is underestimated. Finally, it widens and broadens horizons.

2. Emily Tapping, VPSA at KCL, studies Philosophy, Theology and Ethics. Despite not being particularly interested in the subject, she developed a huge skill base. She joined societies, capitalised on existing skills to build a network of contacts but the biggest thing she learnt  was to be independent and to embrace such challenge: “University well and truly is what you put into it. If you don’t put anything into it then you won’t get into it.”

3. A spokesperson from Notgoingtouni.co.uk describes his organisation not just dissuading people from going to university but it is about allowing individuals to make more informed decisions and letting them know what’s out there: “We want people to be more thoughtful. University is an option not the option.”

by Ben Parfitt


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