Those in favour of a national demo during 1st semester 2011/12

In a speech for Motion 301 Amendment 301d, NEC Member, Mark Bergfeld, calls for another demonstration is the Autumn term. Citing the polltax, he believed that the protest would form an essential part of the fight back again the govenment: “the scumbag millionaires who are killing education… They have created the conditions for a new national demonstration and so we will march in the new academic year.”

The second speech in favour mocked the organised rally and  vigil on the embankment at the December 2010 protest, describing the NUS as having “stood on sidelines, waving glowsticks, mourning the death of education.” The speaker asked: “If we are not going mobilise in the thousands, why don’t we just go home now?”

A flamboyant representative of the University of Hertfordshire lightened the mood with a speech in favour. Panting, he called student to: “fight against anything the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats throw at us.” Gathering significant applause and laughter, he rounded up the speech by calling conference to “fight for students across great Britain.”

By Ben Parfitt


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