Onto the ordinary motions

These are now motions submitted by ordinary members.

The first of these is 206 ‘A real fight in FE’.

The opposition speech come from a member of the NEC. It was highlighted that this was a proposal by an HE Students’ Union that directly concerned FE students. She fought back at the proposal: “How dare you tell us how to hold our officers to account…We don’t need a motion from an HE Union telling us how to run our campaign.”

She fought back further by questioning the commitment of HE students to activism concerning FE institutions. “I was out on the picket line. Where were you?” she asked. This provoked heckles from the audiences. A bit below the belt? Perhaps.

By Ben Parfitt

Here’s the motion:

A real fight in FE
1.    That the massive role played by FE students in the recent protests against cuts, fees and the abolition of EMA was not matched by NUS’s Further Education campaign.
2.    That NUS limited its EMA campaign to some polite, respectable lobbying, playing no role in the huge, stormy walk outs last year and in fact condemning the organisers.
3.    That our current demands for FE are even weaker than our demands for HE.
Conference resolves
1.    To congratulate those who organised walk outs and mass action against the abolition of EMA last year, and help organise another such campaign in the period ahead.
2.    To stop letting down FE students and demand the abolition of all fees in FE and a living grant for every full-time student (with appropriate provision for part-time students).
3.    To build strong links with UCU in FE. We will support all industrial action against cuts and in defence of pay and conditions, and mobilisation of students in solidarity.


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