Good old Maslow!

Loughborough presents  motion ‘Enhance Students’ Employability’. She begins by asking the floor why they went to University. After a few outcries, she retorts will he practiced verse: “See, people go to University for lots of reasons.” For her the value of education is clear.

The speaker calls for NUS to lobby businesses and government to provide opportunities and create transferable skills. An uproar from the floor.

The opposition speech calls for more job opportunities but rejects the proposal as she does not want the NUS to be ” lobbying for unpaid internships to exploit graduates even more than we already are.”

The proposer replies by clarifying that she was calling for paid interns. She even cited Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The chair “love Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.” Dont we all, Ben. Don’t we all.

Motion passes easily.



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