Amendment 301f

The general theme appears to be the age old fight between free education and representing “all your students” as the delegate from Cardiff Union has professed across the conference floor. Should we have to pay for something that those making the decisions didn’t have to pay for? There is a double tax in action when we are paying for their deficit and our education.

Awaiting for the result of this vote is tense, as it could change the direction of NUS and our tactics forever. Stef Lloyd putting her head above the parapet and suggesting that we shouldn’t have to tax single mothers to go to university. Controversial but received a great cheer from the crowd. Well it was either a cheer or a heckle.

There has been another incomprehensible call for parts from Bob Sutton from LGOS to discuss resolves 3 separately. Sutton wants to hear about resolves 3 separately to ensure it stays – which in of itself is not incomprehensible but sometimes it feels like DPC are speaking another language.  The parts have been passed.

In all cases, the amendment has fallen.


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