A fork in the road ahead for NUS?

After the opening speech from the NUS president Aaron Porter one thing was blatantly evident, the current NUS machinery are worried.

Several times in his speech, the president made vague references too the emergence of a radical element within NUS, one that strives too change the course of where the movement is going, and by Aaron’s tone some what negatively.

At one point in the speech he makes a plea to all students “to stick to NUS’s founding beliefs”  a plea to keep the status quo, funnily enough there was no applause from the packed conference floor.

“We have candidates covering the entire spectrum of thought within NUS” this couldn’t be more true, the four candidates couldn’t be more different in ideology and belief. Each bring a dramatically different approach to NUS and how it should be run especially one candidate reported to be a militant marxist.

What ever happens this promises to be a hugely exciting conference.

Imad Faghmous


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