Meet and Greet with NUS Presidents

By Joseph Blythe

The NUS Presidents for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, cited their commitment to tuition fees being lower, or vanishing altogether, at one of the fringe events at the NUS conference today. Liam Burns took the floor first, speaking of his pride at NUS Scotland’s commitment to convincing all the major parties (in Scotland) commit to keeping tuition fees off the agenda, potentially providing Scottish students with another four years without the worry of large fees looming over their heads.

Burns was followed by the Welsh NUS President, Katie Dalton, who talked up her union’s ability in putting a cap on Welsh tuition fees, keeping them at a level lower than their English compatriots, as well as their resourcefulness in making the Welsh government commit to pushing more university classes in the Welsh language, meaning that more Welsh students than ever wll be able to take classes in their native tongue.

The Northern Irish NUS President, Ciarnan Helferty, reiterated her commitment to lower tuition fees, while championing the achievements of her own sabbatical officers. All in all, the event proved to be an intriguing and informative look at the achievements of the regional NUS organizations.


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